Maroltingergasse 57/33

1160 Wien

T +43 1 9974204


Invincible together.

DI Alexander Kofler

Environmental engineer since 2002


DI Martin Veselsky

Environmental engineer since 2005

Creative Mind

Master of Precision

As a team we complement one another and use our respective strengths to create solutions both solid and exciting. Our mission is to be innovative as well as goal-oriented and to ensure uncompromising quality.


„I‘m passionate about sports and a family man. When I‘m not out running or mountain biking I enjoy spending time with my wife and two  wonderful daughters.“


„As father of a family I make sure to spend as much time as possible with my wife and great kids.

I draw strength and inspiration from activities such as judo, running or fishing.“ 



Sound project planning and consulting.

State-of-the-art construction supervision on location applying goal-oriented leadership.

Issuing public calls for tender in compliance with regulatory requirements.


Continuous inspiration from international exchange.

Learn-as-you-go culture enables finding creative solutions quickly, even in case of complex tasks in a time-sensitive environment.

Emphatic comprehension of problems.